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Youtube App Stopped Working

Youtube App Stopped Working

Hello. The other day, Google changed youtube so that the user's accounts would be linked with Google + user accounts.

Coincidentally, the youtube app on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5.1.1 is not letting me log in anymore. Furthermore, I am unable to search for videos.

Is this Apple's way of forcing users to upgrade to iOS 6? My phone doesn't have enough space (~50 mb left) or processing power to handle iOS 6, so I'd rather not upgrade. I suspect that youtube will only work if I update it to the iOS6 only version though.

Is anyone else experiencing similar difficulties?

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Youtube App Stopped Working

This is odd. It seems you are aout of free space on your iPhone due to lots of App data or Photos. Go to Settings > General > Usage and see which apps occupy most space on your iPhone. Delete the ones that you do not need by tapping on the respective app.

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