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What taking up so much space on my iphone 4s

What taking up so much space on my iphone 4s

Hello. I have a question, when i connect to itunes, on my computer, with my iphone to sync in up there is a colored bar across the bottom that is broken up into 3 colors and sections. One section of the bar is orange (photos) one section is green, i think (apps) and the last section is yellow (other). What is that "other " section made up of? I dont have very many apps, keep around 200 photos and try not to go over that. I have some videos too, maybe around 50, all under 1 minute or a hair longer. I always clean up my emails and stuff. So, whats making up this yellow "other storage, which is the bulk of my storage. Id like to free up some space. Thanks, Owen

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What taking up so much space on my iphone 4s

I wrote this a while ago; repeating it here:

"Other" data is real data that you put on your phone by using the built in apps. It is not music, not videos, not pictures and not App Store app data. It is "OTHER" meaning everything that does not fall into these categories. Such as:

email messages and attachmentsRemindersCalendar entriesContactsText messagesMMS messages and attachmentsGenius dataMusic cover artOperating system settings (Bluetooth, WiFi networks, Preferences - everything you can set with "Settings")Safari cachebookmarksGame Center statusMusic catalog

Probably a few I've missed. There was a problem in an earlier version where deleted MMS messages left behind their attachments, but that has been fixed as of 6.1. However, old images were not deleted from Other; its just that new images were being correctly removed when you delete an MMS message.

If you want Other to be smaller you will have to keep less data on your phone; delete old MMS and texts, delete old email (especially from the "deleted" folder), clear the cache, eliminate cover art.

Sometimes "Other" includes data corruption. If you suspect this is a possibility try connecting to iTunes and click the Restore iPhone button. First restore from backup; the Other doesn't get any smaller you can Restore again and set up as New, then add your content back separately from your backup.

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