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Not Enough Space on iPhone to Restore Backup

Not Enough Space on iPhone to Restore Backup

I created a backup on my iPhone 5, reset the iPhone (Deleted all data), and am I trying to restore the iPhone from the backup. However, it won't work because:

iTunes could not restore the iPhone "My iPhone" because not enough free space is available on the iPhone.

Given that this was a backup from the same iPhone, there should be enough space to restore it.

More background information: when I did the backup, the storage space on the iPhone was almost full. Most of this storage space was used by what iTunes categorized as "Other"--space that stayed full despite deleting almost all data from the phone, including all photos, movies, Messages history, Safari history, etc. There were only a few apps on the phone, and nothing that would use much space. The Usage configuration pane didn't show any apps that were using this amount of space.

To try to resolve the problem, I took the backup and reset the phone. Now it won't even restore. Any suggestions on how to get the phone set up again, with all the (useful) app data that was there before, such as app data for game progress?


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Not Enough Space on iPhone to Restore Backup

Hi crimsonium123,

Actually, you CAN use iBackupBot to delete files. 

In the case of SMS Attachments (I agree, this is a bug) , using iBackupBot:

1.     Open the Media Folder (looks like a film strip)

2.     Click on the Export icon

3.     The Dialog box title "Export Media Files" appears, and lists the 5 file types that are in the Media Folder (Camera Roll, Multimedia Messages, Voice Memos, Voicemails, and Others)

4.     Co-incidentally, the first four are checked by default, but Others is not.  The SMS Attachments happen to be in the "Others" Folder !

5.     Uncheck everything else, and Check Others.

6.     Export the Files to a New Folder you have created for this purpose (I always put it on the Desktop for easy access later)

7.     Now, open the Folder on the desktop, and delete files at will !

8.     Close the Media Browser in iBackupBot.

9.     Select the "Import files that exported before" icon in the Menu Bar.

10.     Select your folder that you deleted the SMS from.

11.     Now, you can restore your phone using the backup without all the SMS attachment in it.

I use iBackBot almost daily.  Fabulous program.  Although you already found a workaround, the next time you want to clean up the Other from your phone, you can refer to this.

Glad to have been of assistance.


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