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moon next to time on status bar iphone 3g

iphone 5S get EXTREMELY HOT and drains battery in 2-3 hours

So I got my brand new 5S, all nice and stunning. But, theres always a problem with factory first line phones. Whenever I use my phone, doing ANYTHING

can swap sim cards between 2 phones on same account

I have an iphone 5 AT&T still in contract and a second phone iphone 4 out of contract.  I want to upgrade the 4 to a 5s and then swap the SIM

iphone 5S release Sweden

As topic states, when will the 5S be released in Sweden?Some sites said December, other ones September, I don't know what to believe. What I do know

iphone 5s ios 7.01-touchscreen typing

After the ios 7.01/7.02 update on my new iphone 5s I am seeing typing issues.If the phone is in portrait mode and I hit any of the keys on the 2nd row

Fingerprint sensor problem

I am having problems with the 5S fingerprint sensor. I returned my original purchase because the sensor did not seem to be working correctly. It was

iphone 5s Shipping time

I have ordered my iphone 5s Silver 16GB on 20th of september its says that it wil be shipped in october its now october does anyone know when in

iPhones 5c or 5s support new Wifi technology now in time Capsule

I recently upgraded my time Capsule to take advantage of the longer Wifi range. I know latest MacBook Airs support this but MacBook Pros still do not.

way to request apple to make modification to their alarm app

I would love to see apple make a modification to their stock alarm app on the iphone that would add the ability to have an alarm go off on a specific

Repost: How to get rid of annoying Cellular alert pop-up

I tried to save data on my plan by using the new iOS 7 feature in Settings>Cellular where I can turn off data usage for certain apps. It was fine

iOS 7 displaying wrong world clock hour (digital display)

Hi there!I would like to submit a bug report for iOS 7 on my iphone 5. I live in New Zealand and we went ahead of 1h last night (summer time). My

How can delete an app doesn't show as installed but

I can not delete an app that is on my iphone 5.  Unfortunely I do not remember the name of it!  It shows up as a moveable round botton

Contacts showing up highlighted in blue/green in messaging

When I go to create a new text message, some contacts show up highlighted in green or blue? Can anyone tell me why? They seem to be recent people I've

itunes not loading on iphone 4s

I installed the IOS7 updates on my iphone 4s, but now i cannot access itunes from my phone. I can access it via my laptop to add music etc to my

using home button in 4s would result to being damage in long run really don't like assistive

I do prefer using the home button. Will it somehow be 'damaged' in the long run? I just need assurance. *TIA.

My boyfriend and both have iphone 4S and we noticed our iMessages won't work. tried turning my phone on and off and nothing has worked

My boyfriend and I both have an iphone and our iMessage stopped working last night

TS1275 iphone 4s cannot be restored after IOS 7.0.2 upgrade

My iphone 4s prompted me to upgrade to IOS 7.0.2 today.  After I initiated the upgrade the phone went to sleep.  When I tried to use it, it

iOS7 lost functionality with Ford Fiesta

So here is the deal. My friend has a Ford Fiesta 2011. Everything was fine with her iphone 4s when it had iOS6, however as soon as she updated to iOS7

my slide will not unlock

my slide will not unlock

Why my touch screen not working

Why is my touch screen for my iphone 4S not working?

My iphone has been trying to download iOS 7 iphone 5

My iphone has been trying to download the new iOS 7 for over 24 hours now but I can't seem to stop it from trying and restart it.

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