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iphone 4s location accuracy is improved when wi-fi is turned on

why iphone 5s battery drains so quickly

in three minutes, 5 percent were gone. I doesnt even last 7 hours. Apple said it will last at most, 10 hours. Is someone experiencing the same thing?

iPhones 5c or 5s support new Wifi technology now in Time Capsule

I recently upgraded my Time Capsule to take advantage of the longer Wifi range. I know latest MacBook Airs support this but MacBook Pros still do not.

Problems calibrating compass on iOS 7

I've just installed iOS 7 on my iphone 4S but I can't calibrate the compass - the ball simply won't roll around the circle. The spirit level works

itunes not loading on iphone 4s

I installed the IOS7 updates on my iphone 4s, but now i cannot access itunes from my phone. I can access it via my laptop to add music etc to my

broken iphone 4s screen 6 weeks how much will it cost to fix it if take it to apple store

i dropped my hone about 6 weeks ago and it broke the screen. will apple fix it if i bring it at to a store? how much will it cost? is there another

want to uninstall ios 7 from my iphone 4S

After less than a week of having IOS 7 on my iphone 4S, it will not slide to unlock. Super unhappy right now, especially because I purposefully chose

iphone 4s not working after ios 7 upgrade

Ever since i have updated my iphone 4s to ios 7my phone has stuck in recovery mode and when i connectect to itunes it keeps coming up with unknown

My boyfriend and both have iphone 4S and we noticed our iMessages won't work. tried turning my phone on and off and nothing has worked

My boyfriend and I both have an iphone and our iMessage stopped working last night

TS1275 iphone 4s cannot be restored after IOS 7.0.2 upgrade

My iphone 4s prompted me to upgrade to IOS 7.0.2 today.  After I initiated the upgrade the phone went to sleep.  when I tried to use it, it

iphone 4S Shutting Off

My iphone 4S will freeze up and then turn off. It will turn itself back on after 15 minutes or so, or I can turn it on by holding the home and

Phone screen changed bright colors iphone 5

My phone just changed itself into bright colored back grounds all apps including Facebook & all of my pics are bright blue & blurry?

HT5887 Airdrop not working for iphone 5

I have 2 iphone 5. Both just updated to iOS 7. Airdrop not working. It can't find wither phone. Both bluetooth and wifi are turned on. Anyone else

NAND _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout . Error iphone 5

[NAND ] _FindFlashMediaAndKeepout :601 physical nand block offset 1[NAND ] start :356 this 0x9f538400 PROVIDER=0x9f6b1f00 flashMedia=0x9f6b1f00[NAND ]

what can my iphone was stolen iphone 5

Hi, im from Argentina and my iphone was stolen today, i want to know if is way to block the cell phone permanently. Thanks.

CAN'T RESTORE iphone 5

A few times in the past week I've been using my iphone and the apple logo will randomly pop up, but then everything went back to normal so I didn't

have an issue with my 3G connection: my iphone can't connect anymore to data network even though have contract with unlimited internet access and date/3G turned ON. knows this problem

Hi guys,This problem showed up a few days ago. Even though I have turned on the 3G and the cellular data, my phone tells me there is actually no

How to delete an exchange global address list

I recently purchased mobile me for my iphone. Somehow I have had an Exchange Global Address List, and i want it off my phone now that i'm using mobile

Text not showing up in message feed

I think something glitched on my phone, but what happened was i went to turn off my phone and reset it because it wasn't switching back to sending

Why iphone 4s uploading huge data on it own

My iphone 4s started uploading a huge amount of data own its over the last couple days.  I'd love any feedback on why it may be doing this &

What taking up so much space on my iphone 4s

Hello. I have a question, when i connect to itunes, on my computer, with my iphone to sync in up there is a colored bar across the bottom that is

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