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iPhone Imessage not working

iPhone Imessage not working

Hey Imessage shows waiting for activation and one time it showed me that it was unsuccesful! Should facetime be activated also for Imessage to work?! (I am from Lebanon is it the problem?)

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iPhone Imessage not working

Hey, I just found out by myself why imessage is not working!

1) Go to

2) Click on "Manage Your Account" on the right

3) Sign in with you apple ID and password

4) Click on phone numbers

5) FOR LEBANON ONLY!! in mobile phone section: Put in contry code 00961 then keep area code empty and in phone put your number ( 3 *** *** or 7* *** ***)

5') For people from other countries just adjust the country code and phone number for your country!

6) Click "Save Changes".

7) Get your Iphone and go to Settings - Message

8) Log off from your account and turn off iMessage

9) Turn on iMessage then log in to your account and click "YES" for Carrier rate may apply!

10) Check if it works

11) CONGRATS Imessage not working Unless it didn't work then try another thing!!

HOPE This helps! Imessage not working


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