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My husband getting all my iMessages on his phone

My husband getting all my iMessages on his phone

I upgraded to iOS6.  Now my husband is getting all my iMessages on his phone.  We do share the same iTunes account.  I already went into Settings, Messages, and unchecked his phone from my phone and did the same thing on his phone under the Send and Receive option.  I still get his iMessages and he gets mine.  How do I stop this?  I even tried to turn off iMessages and then nobody was getting my text messages if they were on an iPhone at all.  It didn't do this before the upgrade.

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My husband getting all my iMessages on his phone

Problem solved!!!  It is common and Apple intended it NOT to be this way!!!  Sorry you were wrong.

Correct answer is you need to set up another iCloud account.  You can use the same iTunes account and have separate iCloud accounts.  The nice girl at the Apple store that I went to tonight did the whole thing for me.  I had read that it might be my answer but I didn't know how to set it up and she did the whole thing for me.  Thank God!!  Now I do not get my husband's text messages and he doesn't get mine.  Life can now continue.

For awhile it was sticky and she had to literally disconnect the email addresses completely to get it to work correctly.

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