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How to copy music from laptop to iPhone 5

How to copy music from laptop to iPhone 5

By trial and error I copied 3 of my music folders from Windows 7 laptop to iTunes and again somehow managed to bring one folder of about 200 songs to the iphone5. But even after 3 to 4 hours of effort, I could not bring the other playlists to the phone. I am not even aware where the songs are in iphone. But when I click the playlist names I can see all the songs listed in iTunes. How can I  understand the process of transferring/copying music stored in the laptop to iTunes and from there to the phone ? Will someone explain the process to a Dummy?

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How to copy music from laptop to iPhone 5

Sounds like you are trying to move music on your computer into iTunes, and then into your iPhone. Is that correct?

You can import music that's not in iTunes but stored elsewhere on your hard drive by going File > Add to Library

Once it's all in your iTunes Library, connect your iPhone and you can click and drag individual or multiple songs, albums or playlists onto the iPhone icon and they items will be copied over. NOTE: this is if you have enabled the setting "Manaually manage music & video" for your iPhone (click on it, it's an option lower down in the Summary section).

If you don't want to manage it manually, click the Music section at the top, enable Sync and put the options to where you'd like them, then click the sync button in the bottom right corner.

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