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Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications message

Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications message

I have an iPhone 4 and I updated it to iOS 5 a few days ago and when I open up applictions like Facebook, Twitter, Bump, and others that use notifications, I get a message as soon as the appliction opens that says, "Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications". I have connected my iPhone to iTunes and synced it but that is not solving the problem. Because of this I am not recieving notifications from third party applictions. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Also, everytime I open the YouTube application I get a message saying, "Cannot connect to YouTube" and I am not able to use YouTube at all because of this. Anyway to fix this?

(I forgot to mention my iPhone is NOT jailbroken and has never been jailbroken.)

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Connect to iTunes to Use Push Notifications message

I fixed my problem last night.  I'm not sure I completely understand the original problem but I have some thoughts that might help others make sense of their issues.

I restored my new 4s using the latest backup from my previous 4.  When it was finished, I discovered that it had restored using a backup from July 2010.  I could tell that because the last missed call was for then.  Everything seemd to be OK at first.  It was just an old image.  So I just reinstalled the new apps I had bought since then, synced with iCloud and moved on.  Annoying, but not the end of the world.

When I started seeing the issues with Push Notifications, I searched the forums and saw that some people were having success doing a reinstall.  So I restored the 4s again.  This time, I pulled down the list of backups and saw a bunch of previous backups of my old 4, which had the same name as my new 4s.  Most of them were date stamped, but some were not.  I chose the last backup with a timestamp, 10/4/11 and clicked restore. iTunes told me that there was a more recent backup with a timestamp for 10/11/11 and gave me the option to use it instead.  That restore worked fine and my 4s is back to normal.  And I no longer have issues with Push Notifications.

My theory is this:  I am in the developer program so I have been running the iOS5 betas since the third beta. My old 4 had the GM from the beta program installed, which shouldn't be a factor since it is the same release that went into production.  And I theorize that the backups with no timestamp are from the various betas.  I think that, for whatever reason, when I restored to the new 4s it grabbed the "wrong" backup.  It should have gotten the 10/11/11 iOS5 GM backup which would have worked fine.  But something in the pick-a-backup logic skipped over the most recent backup and all the beta backups and it finally settled on a one year old backup that I think was the one I made when I moved from a 3GS to a 4.  When I used the rght backup everything worked perfectly.

I'm guessing that many of us who are having the Push Notification issue have either run betas or had jailbroken phones at some point.  Or maybe we just have corrupted backups for some reason that I can't guess.  Whatever the reason, I can only say that when I paid attention and made sure I recovered from a good backup that everything worked fine.

Your mileage may vary...


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